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This is where we discuss general business of any kind.
71 13 Mysteriously missing iteams
by GhostSl4yrCorb
     Features & How To Use This Forum
Here is a list of features of this message board
17 10 New Features For Our Forum Be...
by Blair Jett
     Site Rules
This is the rules here folks & they will be enforced.
7 3 haunting
by colleen
     Articles Featured on our Website
Lets talk about articles you read about on our website
Gives us your opinions & ask questions.
49 6 Bates Graveyard In Logan, Ala...
by uniquemind24
     Questions & Answers
Got Questions? We Got Answers!
We get a lot of email from people asking questions about orbs, apparitions, etc. This is the place to talk about it. Ask questions & share your experiences.
63 14 My Uncle's House: What do I ...
by GhostSl4yrCorb
      Paranormal News
Paranormal In The News
This is the place to post paranormal news subjects for April 2010
45 6 The Circle dyatlov Pass Incid...
by onionhead101
     Paranormal Media
Television Shows
Paranormal Television Shows
3 1 Recommend Shows To Others
by Blair Jett
Magazines & Newspapers (print media)
All about paranormal print media including magazines, newspapers, etc.
4 2 romancing with vampires
by mugdha
All about Paranormal Movies.
3 1 What Is Your Favorite Paranor...
by Blair Jett
Radio And Podcasts
Talk about paranormal shows, podcasts, and radio. Recommend a show.
3 1 Paranormal Radio Stations, Po...
by Blair Jett
     Haunted Locations
Haunted Locations in Canada
3 1 New Brunswick Ghost Stories
by K2
Haunted Locations in Europe
0 0 No posts
Haunted locations in the United States Of America
42 7 Ohio
by Mialynn91
Haunted Locations in Africa
0 0 No posts
     Ghost Hunting
Take the quiz every Paranormal Investigator should know
Got what it takes to be an investigator? Test your smarts with our little quiz
9 1 The quiz
by Firefox24
Ghost Hunting Stories
Share your ghost hunting experiences with us
5 2 Ghost Stories
by Peterg42
Ghost Hunting Equipment
Let`s talk about ghost hunting equipment
14 4 EMF Detectors
by uniquemind24
Ghost Hunting Tips & Tricks
What do you do when going ghost hunting & what are the best tips for ghost hunts?
17 3 Orbs
by Firefox24
Evidence - Photos - Videos
Let`s share evidence. Show us your videos & pictures.
6 5 Ghost seen as smoke
by Scottstevens148
     Urban Legends, Myths, & Folklore
Ghosts & Demons
Are Demons real?
44 4 Haiduk - DemonicoN
by haiduk
Urban Legends
Lets talk. Are they true?
10 2 Black Eye`d People
by uniquemind24
     Ghost Hunting Groups & Paranormal Investigators
List Your Group here
Post your Ghost Hunting Group or Your Investigator details & contact information here. It`s ok to post your website too.
5 3 B.T.W. Paranormal Investigati...
by Blair
Looking For Groups In A Particular Area
Looking for paranormal groups or investigators in your area? Post it here.
0 0 No posts
     PRA Staff Only
Group Business
General Group business for the PRA
- - Password required
PRA Required Training
This is the training area for all PRA members. Your participation here is mandatory under the terms & conditions when you joined.
- - Password required
Bates Graveyard
Admin discussion of Bates Graveyard
- - Password required
Haunted Cabin
Let`s discuss our plans for the haunted cabin investigation
- - Password required
Miscellaneous Threads
Just what the title says.
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